Real Estate Consulting

Allen L. Kracower & Associates provides Real Estate Consulting & Advisory Services for commercial, residential, industrial and office developments. For several decades, Allen L. Kracower & Associates has undertaken site and locational studies, and has undertaken an evaluation of access patterns, governmental regulations, environmental issues, highest and best use studies and land use holding capacity studies.


Land Planning

On behalf of our public and private clients, we have produced land plans for over 100,000 acres of land. The firm has produced plans for infill properties as well as for larger properties in excess of 1,000 acres. Allen L. Kracower & Associates, Inc. is experienced in planning commercial, office, institutional, residential and recreational developments for local as well as national clients.


Landscape Architecture

The award winning landscape architects of Allen L. Kracower & Associates, Inc. are experienced in all phases of commercial, residential and industrial design projects. The landscape architectural capabilities include: planting design; environmental analysis; the design of pedestrian and vehicular circulation; entry signage; water features; construction cost analysis and budgeting; and construction documents.



The urban planners of Allen L. Kracower & Associates, Inc. are experienced in all matters pertaining to zoning, property annexation and public presentations. The firm has testified as planning experts in all of the trial courts in Northeastern Illinois as well as other locations. ALKA has rendered testimony before governmental entities. The firm's graphic representations are produced with the highest level technology.

Litigation Support & Consultation

Allen L. Kracower & Associates, Inc. has provided consulting services to law firms and private organizations with all forms of land use litigation and public presentations. The firm renders service in:

  • Land Use Strategies

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Analysis of Expert Witness Reports

  • Land Use and Zoning Studies

  • Highest & Best Use Analysis

  • Courtroom Graphics

  • Photography - Aerial and Ground Level

  • Research

Allen L. Kracower & Associates, Inc. has created trial exhibits for public hearings and numerous law firms for the past three decades. Allen L. Kracower and Associates, Inc. maintains integrated computer facilities and CAD systems which are frequently used as the basis for creating accurate presentations for the courtroom and public hearing. The firm also has the capacity to produce aerial photographs, ground level photography, land plans, statistical exhibits, video photography and original drawings.

Highest & Best Use Studies

Our clients include private land owners, municipalities, state government, airports, park districts, county and state government, hospitals, universities, financial institutions and national athletic teams. Our practices and procedures have withstood the test of time and have been used in trial courts, municipalities and by the private sector.

Municipal Planning & Land Use Regulation

Allen L. Kracower & Associates, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in specializing in land use and zoning. The firm has consulted to and worked with legal firms and numerous local and state level governmental organizations throughout the country to evaluate and create zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, comprehensive plans and site plans.


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